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Welcome at the Protestant Airport Chaplaincy Frankfurt am Main

The Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau (EKHN) is located in the western centre of Germany. It includes the southern part of Hesse and the eastern part of Rhineland-Palatinate.

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    Protestant Church of Hesse and Nassau

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    September 11th - a day of remembrance at Frankfurt Airport. We mourn with all who lost loved ones. At the same time - 9/11 is a day to stand up for peace everywhere in the world and to pray for it.


    Sunday services in September

    On Sunday, September 12th, we celebrate afternoon services. A warm invitation. All are welcome!


    WORD FOR 2021

    Becoming merciful .....

    Becoming merciful ....... an invitation for all of us in 2021! "Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful." From the Gospel of Luke 6,36

    Grafik: Pfeffer

    Just a Moment ...

    September 11

    For me, every year this day is a call to peace and to work for it. To engage with other people, countries, points of view, religions and to learn from them.

    A long way! And when many evacuees from Afghanistan arrived here at the airport in August, it became very visible: still many steps to go.

    My faith gives me strength to go on and to know: Not a single step taken for peace is in vain.

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    Roman-Catholic Airport Chaplaincy

    Pastoral care for travellers and airport employees. Pastoral care in emergencies, pastoral care for refugees and accompaniment in deportation monitoring as well as social services. Click here to go to the website .

    Church social service for passengers

    “Travellers Aid” is available for passengers who get into an emergency situation at the airport and need help - regardless of origin or religion. Website. Website

    Support for the homeless at the airport

    Social services at the airport get into contact with homeless people, offer support and accompany their first steps towards a self-determined life. Website

    Refugee chaplaincy at the airport

    The Church Refugee Service at the airport offers procedural counselling and pastoral care for people who are seeking asylum in Germany and are not allowed to enter the country for the time being. Website

    Deportation monitoring

    The staff members of the Deportation Monitoring Service are on site when refugees who have been living in Germany for several years are deported. Their observations are evaluated in cooperation with the Federal Police and human rights organisations. Website Caritas und Website Diakonie. Website Diakonie and Website Caritas

    Thanks for your Donation

    A breakfast, a shower voucher or a train ticket for stranded passengers. – These are also ways how the airport chaplaincy supports people here at the airport. We are happy about donations that make this possible. Thank you very much!

    Sometimes we also need specific donations in kind. Please give us a call if you would like to know what we or the people we care about currently need.

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